Suzhou Unitop chemtech Co.,Ltd. is located at a famous city in China -Zhangjiagang city, 40km away from one of the biggest inland port -Zhangjiagagng port and free trade zone of Zhangjiagang, also we are 100km away from Shanghai. 
We focus on Specialty Amines, Fatty amines, Fatty amindes, quats and surftants. We have long time cooperation with MNCs, such as BASF, Solvay, Lanxess, Evonik, Akzo nobel, Exxonmobil, Dow, Eastam, Invista, Arkema, Tamino, SK, Samsung fine chemcails and etc.Our sales foucs on the application for Coating, dystuff, pigment, ink, adhesives, pharmaceutical, argo chemcal, food addtives,  feed addtives, flavours and fragrance, cosmetic, daliy chemicals,surftants, textile dyeing and fnishing auxiliaries,  electronic ,paper ,  leader and car chemicals and etc.
our customers covered by domestic market.Rely on our reilable and honest, we have good relatioship with customers , manaftuers and 

multinational suppliers.

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